Second hand bed

Double bed, single bed, convertible bed… The choice of bedding is
a must for a good night’s sleep. For that, it is not necessary to put a very
high price. To avoid going over your budget, why not think about buying a
second-hand bed?

Why buy a second-hand bed?

Buying second-hand means having access to a multitude of furnishing
possibilities. Second hand table, second hand sofa, second hand wardrobe and
second hand bed are examples of furniture that can be found on the online
second hand buying platforms. The concept is simple: to offer a selection of
apartment sales where it is possible to find one or more second-hand pieces of
furniture! So why choose a second-hand bed now? The advantages are numerous:

Find a quality bed at a lower cost,

To be able to customize it according to your tastes,

For ecology by limiting the production of additional waste.

Finally, opting for a second-hand bed makes it possible to combine
quality furniture at a low price with responsible consumption.

what should you check before buying it?

When buying a second-hand bed, a second-hand chair or a second-hand
sofa, the stakes are the same, you have to take care to make the right choice.
These are pieces of furniture that will be used on a daily basis: they must
therefore be comfortable, stand the test of time, and correspond to the
aesthetics of its interior.

When selecting a second-hand bed, you must
therefore take care :

Size: It is essential to ask the seller for the dimensions of the
bed. Indeed, some second-hand beds do not necessarily correspond to standard
dimensions, especially those of the Ikea brand. This can therefore pose a
problem concerning the choice of linen but also for its location in the room.
In addition, knowing the size of a bed is also necessary for its delivery to
the room. It is quite frequent to find oneself blocked in front of an entrance
that is too narrow, especially for beds that are difficult to dismantle.

At the selling price : The selling price of second-hand furniture
is much lower than the original price.

Why buying a second-hand bed contributes to responsible
consumption? A bed is made up of different elements. Thus, it is necessary to
mobilize many raw materials for its manufacture. On average, for the production
of a bed, you have to count on :

172 kg for a bed base,

358 kg for a bed frame,

369 kg for a foam mattress,

398 kg, for a spring mattress.

It is important to know that a large part of this waste ends up in
the ocean, which has an ecological impact on the marine world. Reusing
furniture is therefore an action that reduces this effect and preserves nature.

Furnishing your room with fashionable and inexpensive furniture is
very easy today. Moreover, it allows you to work for the protection of the
planet, while saving money at the same time. Buying second-hand furniture is a
responsible consumption approach already adopted by many consumers. It is never
too late to consume better!